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1-5 Year Terms

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Fund with the help of your network and ours

Able combines the best parts of Peer to Peer lending and traditional bank financing to create affordable small business loans.

100% Backers

Able Friends and Family

  • Rates starting at 2%
  • Borrow Any Amount
  • You choose the funding timeline

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Able + Backers

Able Growth loan with Backers

  • Rates starting at 8%
  • Loans up to $1MM
  • Funds within 30 days

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100% Able

Able Growth loan without Backers

  • Rates starting at 8%
  • Loans up to $1MM
  • Funds within 14 days

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How our model works

Not every loan we fund requires Backers. Having the option of funding with Backer support helps you access the amount of capital you need, at rates you can afford.

  • 20% Backer Funded
  • 80% Able Funded
Joe’s Coffee Roaster

Joe is funded by Able and his Backers

  • Great for larger loan amounts
  • Backers help unlock lower interest rates
  • Backers earn a return
  • Great for refinancing other debts
Gloria’s Boutique

Gloria is funded 100% by her Backers

  • Great for a startup
  • Formalized Friends and Family loan
  • Backers earn a return
  • Great alternative to traditional financing
Abe’s Chicken and Waffles

Abe is funded 100% by Able

  • Great for established businesses
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Funds within weeks, not months

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