5 “Boydenisms” for Startups and Small Business

  • By Heather Miller
  • Published 7/13/2015

Adam Boyden is the managing director of RPM Ventures, a seed and early stage venture firm.

Adam learned early in life that you can’t break the system, but you can bend it. Listen how this international entrepreneur went from picking grapes to building and selling five companies worth more than $2.7 billion by “accident.”

Check out Adam’s five “Boydenisms” for startups and small business featured in our latest podcast:

  1. Everyone behaves rationally from their own perspective, particularly entrepreneurs. People may seem irrational at first, but once you understand their incentives, everyone acts perfectly rationally.
  2. Knowledge is a dangerous thing—hindsight is 20/20. Ignorance and optimism are a necessity for a startup founder. An entrepreneur has to have a strong core where they will not be stopped by anyone. However, outside of this core, there has to be flexibility to move forward. It’s not until the end of the race where you think,”If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have done it.”
  3. The idea behind a startup is usually right but most of the details are completely wrong. Your team has to be aggressive about seeing your vision come to life, and you need to be sensitive and adaptable to the market. Trust among the team is also key.
  4. You can’t ever be fast enough. Speed is the key element in running a business—both for testing and reacting to consumers. Don’t strive for a perfect solution because the market will move on passing your product up.
  5. A good startup has no rational chance of success, it has to be nearly impossible to pull off. Because if it is easy to do, you will have many competitors.

Listen to the full-length version of our podcast with Adam here.

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