An Update from Able

  • By Evan Baehr
  • Published 7/13/2014

Wow! Thank you all for the amazing support of Able since our launch — we are so appreciative, and wanted to share a little more on what we’re up to right now. We’ve received credit requests all the way from Tacoma, WA to Springfield, VA totaling more than $16 million dollars — over $1 million requested every day! And, the number of Backers who pledge to support small businesses across the country is just as strong.

Starting this week, we’ll be issuing a limited number of loans in our hometown of Austin, TX. We’ve done extensive research analyzing the social footprint of businesses here in town, and we will be standing behind some of the most promising businesses in advance of our national launch. We’ve met so many great entrepreneurs and Backers, and we are excited to begin expanding our Able community.

Don’t live in Austin? Not to worry. As written, we still plan to expand our lending operations later this year. Until then, business owners can continue to join our first-come, first-served waitlist by telling us how much credit they want, and Backers can continue to pledge their support of small businesses here.

Want to learn more about how Able works? Watch our new introductory video to learn more about why we believe in the Fortune 5 Million, and how Able helps small businesses get the credit they need to grow.

If you know of a business in Austin that we should be collaborating with, or if you think your business would be a perfect fit for Able, shoot us an email here. We’d love to hear about the business you’ve built and the ways you’re dreaming about growing it.

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