Introducing Able Radio

  • By The Able Team
  • Published 6/24/2015

Able’s story is really the story of hundreds of companies, founders, and backers around the country who combine hard work and creativity to bring their dreams to life. We have our own story—but our borrowers’ and Backers’ stories are way more interesting, so we’re setting out to tell them.


Introducing Able Radio—our weekly podcast where we’ll hear the stories of founders and the customers and backers that make them possible. We’ll uncover the highs and lows—the successes and failures—of founders and companies of all types. As long time fans of Alex Blumberg and NPR (check out his Gimlet Media, host of the show Startup), we’re doing it as a radio show.

Early on we’ll hear about Georgia Pellegrini’s decision to leave Wall Street to become a chef, Hayley Groll’s learning that she could actually charge people when she cut their hair, and Greg McEvilly’s advice for inspiring and equipping customers way beyond what you sell to them.

We also cover practical advice around finances, funding, hiring, and marketing. We hope you’ll gain practical tips along the way to make your business awesome, and laugh or cry at some of the wild stories of launching a business.

You’ll find Able Radio on iTunes where you can subscribe to our weekly podcasts, on Stitcher for Android users, and also on SoundCloud. Look for new episodes every Tuesday. Keep reading to access our first show.

Our First Show

Tune in below to listen to our first show with veteran hair stylist and small business owner Hayley Groll of Shag Salon.

Hear Hayley’s journey of becoming a stylist, what she fears most, and her top five tips for entrepreneurs:

  • If you think your passion can’t turn into a lucrative job, try harder.
  • Find a mentor and make time to nurture that relationship. Mentors should help you with job skills, but also teach you about the important things in life like the Grateful Dead.
  • Discover what drives you. For me, it was my accomplished siblings who fueled my desire for success.
  • Note the good things but pay even closer to the bad things that happen. An eviction notice spurred the entrepreneurial drive in me to open my own salon.
  • Always be prepared for yourself and employees — whether this is something small like always having foils stacked or something big like a reliable person to answer the phone.

We’re new to this so we’d love your feedback: what would you like to hear more about? Want to be a guest yourself? Or have someone we could interview? Drop us a note at

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