Turn Your Passion Into a Successful Business

  • By Heather Miller
  • Published 6/29/2015

From receiving his startup’s first loan at his parents’ breakfast table, to reaching his Kickstarter goal on the first day, Greg has built a “MOB-like” business around his personal passion, helping others.


Tune in for episode two of Able Radio with Kammok’s chief equipping officer and founder Greg McEvilly where he shares his inspiration for the business and these five tips for entrepreneurs:

  1. Center your business and brand around a chief value. Kammok’s core value is love.
  2. Many successful businesses can be created surrounding the general idea of helping others better their lives.
  3. As a small business, focus on making your product or service the best quality it can possibly be.
  4. When people buy from a certain brand, they are essentially casting their vote for a product — make them want to cast their vote for you.
  5. When looking for startup capital, define who you are, what you are providing and what you want to become as a brand.

We’re new to this so we’d love your feedback: what would you like to hear more about? Want to be a guest yourself? Or have someone we could interview? Drop us a note at heather@ablelending.com.

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