Mini Doc: Meet Flat Track Coffee

  • By David Modigliani
  • Published 11/3/2015

Co-Founders Matt and Sterling care about three things: creating a community, brewing to reveal the true taste of the bean, and making sure everyone is having fun along the way. Here’s how Matt tells their growth story:

Funded: $30,000 | Backers: 3 | Backers Loaned: $9,000 | Able Matched: $21,000

As two friends that grew up riding dirt bikes, we love to have fun. I came into coffee working at a little place you may have heard of, called Starbucks – and I just worked there because my friends did. But, I found out that I loved being part of people’s morning ritual. Coffee, to me, is all about service. About helping people have a great day. Starting with zero dollars, an espresso machine and a grinder, we launched Flat Track Coffee, which has become our conduit for a warm and diverse community that has flourished over the past three years.


In 2012, the opportunity presented itself to build a cafe in a tiny 250-sqft space where people can come get coffee, and meet others residing in their community. Since then, we’ve been serving up coffee beverages and caffeinating customers on Austin’s eclectic east side. Deeply rooted in the heart of the Lone Star State, Flat Track’s brand revolves around coffee, people, and anything with wheels.

We knew we were ready to sell a big chunk of merchandise, but the idea of fronting the production cost was daunting. We also wanted to source more of our own “green” beans, rather than going through our roaster. It was surprisingly difficult to get a bank to lend to us. We had raised money from friends and family before and we saw that Able gave us a way to more than double what they could commit to.

Know a small business owner who’s ready for the next level of growth? Let us know and if they get funded, we’ll give you $1000 to spend at their business.

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