The Able Manifesto

  • By The Able Team
  • Published 9/12/2016

At Able, we interact daily with entrepreneurs from different industries, walks of life and areas of expertise. We view these people not as mere customers, but as our peers. At Able, we are on a mission to build a company that is more than a small business lender. Our vision is to build a company that fosters community among its borrowers in a way that makes every member better. Below is our manifesto. 

 —  — - 

We believe our businesses deserve the opportunity to flourish. We refuse to let commercial banks slow our growth. We are enterprising entrepreneurs who believe in hard work and smart planning. We believe it’s not all fun and games. But, we believe that sometimes it is.

Our friends and family believe in us - and we believe in ourselves. Now, Able believes in us, too. We’re building a network. A network of borrowers and backers. But, more than a network. More than a series of transactions. A community. Because, as members of the Able Network, we are committed to one another.

We know what only the small businesses owner can know. That it gets lonely sometimes. That it can feel overwhelming. That each accomplishment is only met with the next challenge. That it’s hard to prioritize. That we feel responsible for the people we hire. That owning a business is a sink-or-swim proposition. And that sometimes we feel like we’re treading water. That economic power brokers are ignoring our successes — and blocking our access to more.

But, we also know the way a delighted customer can make our day. That a boost of confidence can be as good as a boost in sales. That when things are clicking, it doesn’t feel like work at all. That our satisfaction is hard won. That it tastes better than the corporate CEO’s. That our hustle, our innovation, and our personal touch are all part of something bigger.

In this community, we support one another. We share advice. We make recommendations. We hero each other on social media. Because a rising tide lifts all boats. But also because we like each other. We admire one another. We respect each other’s work.

We bring with us our Backers. The people who have helped us triple the money they’ve loaned us. The people who believe good ideas pay off. The people who are betting on a small business owner they know instead of a mutual fund they don’t.
We believe they deserve a return on their money. Transparency and accountability. To be treated like the rockstars they are.

We believe reputation matters. That who you partner with says a lot about who you are. We believe the team at Able cares about us. Not just as business owners, but as people. We love the way they promote our work and open their doors for advice. We believe Able is more than a loan. Because Able is actually all of us. And our Backers. And maybe it’s you, too.

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