Building Community: Nominate Local Austin Small Businesses

  • By Will Davis
  • Published 3/17/2015


At Able our mission is to provide main street businesses with low-interest loans so that they can grow, create jobs, and sustain vibrant local communities. In the past six months we have funded great Austin staples like Chi’Lantro, Esby, Hops & Grain, and Branch Basics.

We are excited to announce today that we will be funding 25 more Austin small businesses through a limited program, the Austin 25. And we’d love your help.

The Austin 25 is Able’s third cohort of low-interest loans and includes many perks, including the Able Story Platform, which includes photography, web promotion, PR opportunities, unique networking opportunities, and free business consulting from the Able team. Our vision for Able involves more than affordable lending; it is built on a suite of related-services and a strong, active community of fellow entrepreneurs who together are pulling the entire group up by its bootstraps.

To help find these great 25 businesses, we are enlisting the Austin community. We all support small business, but now you can be a major piece in helping your favorite business get the funding they deserve. Today we launch the EnAbler Network.

It’s simple. Here’s how it works:

  • You nominate a small business in Austin to be funded by Able.
  • Able will contact the business to explore a potential fit, sharing your support for their business in tandem.
  • If they are funded, we’ll give you $500 to spend at that business and we’ll give them $500 toward their first loan payment. Everyone wins.

Identifying a great small business is easy. What are some of your favorite local brands? Maybe a clothing line that’s made here in Austin, or a fitness place that you secretly love and hate at the same time? Does your dog sitter fill up with appointments faster than you can dial his or her number? Think of a small businesses where you play, shop, and eat that you want to see grow.

Most people nominate two to three businesses; and nominations are open until May 31. Nominations are 2-3 lines sent by email with the name of the owner and the business and what you love about the company. To nominate someone, send the business name, owner’s name, and your nomination directly to Able cofounder Will Davis:

Why are we asking you? In pure Austin style, lend another entrepreneur a hand by helping him/her experience the Able network to help their business grow.

As we mentioned above, at Able we believe we are stronger as a whole, and pulling each up together by our bootstraps. Our community is at our core, and we must support each other for our main-street businesses, and Austin herself, to truly thrive. Help us grow the community and find the next cohort of deserving entrepreneurs.

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