How Able Works

  • By The Able Team
  • Published 11/4/2015

You know it’s time to grow your business, and you even have a vision of the next step. But you’ll need cash to make it happen… and the support to succeed once you make your move.

So what do you do?

  1. You could approach a traditional bank, but they may not understand your business.
  2. You could look to an alternative lender online, but their rates may be hard to swallow.
  3. You could approach investors…but you’d have to give up equity in the business, which could mean losing control over your vision.
  4. You could approach your friends and family, but it might get awkward and messy figuring out how much money to ask for and how to pay them back.

Even if you get the money from your friends and family, it may only be enough to get halfway to your goal. There’s gotta be a better way.

What if you could still involve your friends and family, but keep all your equity, and have the same security you’d get from a traditional loan?

Meet Able.

  1. We fund small business loans with the support of the business owner’s network and ours.
  2. We give your friends and family the opportunity to support your business by funding at least 10% of your loan. Then, we fund the rest.
  3. By recruiting the support of your own network, you unlock up to ten times more money - and much lower interest rates.
  4. Your backers receive a monthly return on their money. You pay Able and we pay everyone else…so you can focus on your business.

But, Able is more than a loan. Once you’re funded, we share your story with our community and our friends on social media… and you become part of the Able Network—an exclusive group of Borrowers and Backers who champion and help one another.

Along the way, we’re here to provide community resources and expert advice when it matters.

Your victories mean the world to us. When we lend and borrow in a network, everybody wins.

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