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Designed in Austin and produced in New Orleans, Esby is flattering clothing for women inspired by the comfort of menswear. After success with their first line of samples, Esby used Kickstarter to fund the production of Esby Season One. The momentum from an initial crowdfunding campaign led to strong sales and more interest in their brand.


Esby is part of the slow fashion movement that chooses quality over quantity. Esby designs and produces timeless pieces that can go from season to season, and day to night.


An oversized fit with dropped shoulders and a slim, cropped sleeve. dress tail is slightly longer at the back with an exaggerated side slit detail.


This wide leg pant is a classic and is finally back in the limelight. our newest pant silhouette has a high fitted waist and a comfortable cropped wide leg.


Your favorite fall jacket. this beautifully crafted, garment-dyed 100% organic cotton twill duster is a perfect staple for your closet.