Foot Cardigan

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Why wear boring white socks? Foot Cardigan wants to make your feet fancy. They deliver fantastically fantastic socks to your mailbox every month. After appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank, Foot Cardigan turned to Able for a working capital solution that would help them retain equity in their business.


Foot Cardigan delivers unique socks to your door each and every month. Below is a selection of socks we love from their Mytropolis collection.


Any city where it’s socially acceptable to show off your chest hair while loudly talking and shoving our face hole with pasta is a city we can get behind. We-a love-a you, Roma!


Don’t worry, we wouldn’t dare put ketchup on this bad boy. No sir-ee. But we would dare to put PROPER Chicago dog on a sock, because there aren’t many greater things in life. Can we get an amen?


What more can be said about Paris? Nothing because everyone knows how amazing it is. So we’ll just tell you our favorite things about the City of Lights: crepes, crepes, and more crepes.


Music. Festivals. Tacos. Nature. Hipsters (legit ones). Is there anything Austin doesn’t do well? We’ve looked into it, and decided on a definitive answer: no. Austin does everything well.


Obviously, our nation’s capitol has always been incredible. Democracy, history, culture. But when Nicolas Cage stole the Declaration of Independence to find that hidden treasure…let’s just say he really helped take DC’s cool factor up a few notches.


What’s not to love about Nashville? Any city that’s home to music legends, the Bluebird Cafe, and the fried bologna sandwich at Robert’s Western World is a city we need to visit. Now. Like, now now.