Hops & Grain

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Hops & Grain is an award-winning craft brewery whose passion is to craft the best beer in an environmentally responsible manner. Sustainable practices guide the business at every step including recycling the spent brewing grains to make dog treats, canning their beer, donating 1% of their profits to environmental causes, and sourcing all their ingredients from local and green providers.

The loan Hops & Grain received from Able and their backers helped to increase production capacity by 45%, boost throughput on the brewhouse side, and expand their taproom space for Austin’s growing community of craft brew enthusiasts.


Hops & Grain is on of Austin’s most popular and rapidly growing Craft Breweries. Below is a sampling of their lineup which can be found where ever great beers are sold in Austin, TX.


An American style IPA showcasing a fairly new hop variety called Mosaic. The beer begins with a base of German Pale Ale and Vienna malts, and is brewed for a light, crisp malt body.


A 2012 World Beer Cup Gold Medal winning Altbier brewed using old world techniques, high quality German malts and noble hop varieties.


An interesting breed of beer. Brewed in a mildly traditional manner, it’s very similar to many of the German lagers of the old world but dry-hopped to add an extra layer of complexity.


Pale Ale is an homage to our chairman. Full of malt character with a dry, crisp and hoppy finish. We start with a base of the highest quality 2 Row malted barley our eyes have ever seen.


A Baltic Porter that starts with a base of Pilsner and Munich malts and a layer of chocolate wheat and de-bittered black malt to provide flavor of coffee, dark chocolate, raisins and just a hint of roast.