Austin, TX

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Kammok was born out of a passion for the outdoors and love for people. As a brand, Kammok encourages community and inspires outdoor enthusiasts to engage in the adventure of changing lives. As wholesale orders from national and local retail outlets continued to roll in, Kammok needed larger amounts of working capital to fulfill purchase orders. They needed external capital to fund more inventory, and given the stage of their business, they were not in a position to secure a traditional bank loan. Able has been proud to partner with Kammok to secure the financing needed to grow.


Kammok makes innovative outdoor products that are designed to equip and inspire, including lightweight city-to-trail hammocks and travel gear. Every Kammok purchase has a direct impact on helping people in need and investing in improving natural resources.


The Roo is a camping hammock built for life changing adventure. Inspired by the kangaroo, this camping hammock will get you off the ground in a hurry.


The Dragonfly™ is an ultra-light, no-see-um insect net specially designed to shield your camping hammock from disease carrying insects.


The Glider™ is the first portable hammock shelter to feature a fully integrated rainwater retention system.


The Kuhli™ is an adaptable weather shelter that protects against wind, rain, heat, and snow. With


The Thylacine is a customizable sleeping bag system that can adapt as your needs and environment change.


The Koala™ is the go-to under quilt for unprecedented warmth and comfort while using your hammock in the cold.