Sauceda Industries

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Sauceda Industries isn’t your typical fulfillment company. Sauceda Industries was born out of the need to find fulfillment solutions for their sister brand, Texas Humor. Texas Humor has gained attention online through their social media channels which have a combined following of 1.4 Million. When Texas Humor introduced their own merch line, the operation quickly grew out of Jay B. Sauceda’s garage. When a search for fulfillment services for a business of their size proved impossible, Jay B decided to start his own company to serve the needs of companies in a similar predicament.

Sauceda Industries now occupies a 20,000 Sq. Ft. warehouse in The Yard, a quickly growing hub of Austin’s small business scene. Able was proud to partner with Sauceda Industries to refinance an extremely costly loan they received from another online lender. We were able to restructure their debt and reduce their interest rate from 67% to 11.8%! Sauceda Industries now is able to use their cash flow for growth rather than servicing their debt.


Sauceda Industries provides fulfillment services for their sister brand, Texas Humor as well as many well known Austin, Texas based companies like Austin City LimitsHowler Bros. and fellow Able borrower, Bravelets.


This is the popular Tumbleweed Texstyles Texas Towns design, AKA “I’ve Been Everywhere” tee. They hand wrote 187 Texas towns in their correct geographic location. This is a one of a kind design that is sure to start up a conversation!


How Texans see the rest of the country. Texas is bigger and better.


The first word uttered on the moon was Houston. 3 out of the 12 astronauts who walked on the moon were born in Texas. Since all of them had to live here to train at some point, 100% were Texan anyway. We’re battin’ 1,000 on the moon y’all!