Business Loans for Manufacturing & CPG

The CPG Loan You’ve Been Waiting For

Able’s small business loans are the perfect tool for growing your consumer packaged goods business. Unlike traditional lenders, we understand the CPG industry and will work with you provide financing that maximizes your profitability.

Finance Purchase Orders

The worst thing you can do in a CPG business is not deliver when a big purchase order comes in. Our small business loans for CPG can be used to fund things like POs that will have future returns. 

Develop New Products

To stay competitive and give your fans more variety, you may want to develop a new product to  compliment what you’re already doing. Our CPG loans are a great way to fund an expansion of your line. 

Expand Capabilities

As you grow, expanding your capabilities in manufacturing will help you capture better margins and profitability.

Fund Daily Operations

Wether you’re looking for capital to smooth out cash flows between manufacturing and delivery or you need to hire a great sales team, we can help you build an affordable loan.