Accelerator Partner Program

Provide your companies with a new source of non-dilutive funding.

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Able is the lowest-cost online lender to small businesses in the nation. We fund pre-and post- revenue businesses at any stage with a new kind of loan that lets entrepreneurs get more capital at lower rates when they recruit financial support from friends, family, and fans.

  • Up to $1MM in funding
  • Lowest rates online
  • Products for businesses at any stage

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A True Partnership

The Value for Your Accelerator

Provide New Capital

Provide your cohort companies (past, present, and future) access to needed working capital and help keep them in business during a capital crunch.

Access to Content

Get access to exclusive and tailored webinars for your members every quarter.

Delay Further Dilution

Help your companies avoid further dilution (e.g. they can delay a future equity round with low-cost debt).

Protect Your Companies

Prevent your companies from taking on short-term, high-interest loans that can destroy their cash flows.

Offer Mentors Opportunities

Give your accelerator mentors another opportunity to support your portfolio of companies — mentors can participate as Backers in the loans and earn an average rate of 10%.

Attract New Attention

Gain local and national attention for being one of the first accelerators to offer an additional kind of capital.

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