Collaborative Small Business Loans

$25,000 – $1,000,000
Rates Starting at 8%
1-5 Year Terms

In Partnership With

Lending Tree

Raise a little, get a lot

Businesses with a strong credit history and positive cash flows may qualify for a loan without backers.

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How a $250,000 Growth Loan is Funded

From a Friend
From Family
From a Fan

From Able

Amplify Funds

The money you raise from your network is amplified by Able to maximize your funding

Your Raise
10 – 50%
We Multiply
2X – 10X

Able makes peer to peer loans work for businesses. Raising funds helps you unlock dramatically more capital than you would normally have access to through traditional funding methods.

Backers Help You Save

See how backers affect your rate and save you thousands in interest on your business loan.

Loan Term
Loan Interest
  • Traditional Loan
  • Able Loan
Savings from Backers
  • Total Loan
  • Loan Term
    36 Months
  • Credit Score
    680 Credit Score

How We Compare

SBA Loan

  • 20% businesses approved
  • Up to 9 months to fund
  • Down payment up to 33%
  • Long application process
  • Piles of paperwork

Able Loan

  • 48% businesses approved
  • Funds within 30 days
  • 10-50% from your network
  • Apply in minutes
  • Online application

Tools for Fundraising

We provide robust tools for you to onboard your Backers to our platform, making their pledge process a seamless, headache-free experience.

  • Personal and Public funding pages
  • Built in reminders for your Backers
  • Management Dashboard for your campaign

Funding Process

Able works to get you the best loan possible with a smooth online application process, tools to recruit backers, and responsible underwriting.

We Learn About Your Business

You'll provided us with preliminary information about your business to get the ball rolling.

We Pre-Approve Your Loan

Based on the information you provide we'll provide a pre-approved loan offer.

We Analyize Your Business

We underwrite your business to determine the final loan offer for you to accept.

You Raise Backer Support

You'll get in touch with potential backers and begin collecting pledges with our funding tools.

Documents are E-Signed

You and your backers will sign all the necessary paperwork completely digitally.

Your Business is Funded

Funds are deposited in your account for you make the next big leap for your business.