Jae Kim, Founder

My Business

My Story

Chi’Lantro started 5 years ago in Austin with the goal to bring Korean-inspired BBQ to the masses. I quickly noticed at our first food truck that we were having to throw out leftover kimchi, a traditional fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables, because nobody wanted it. So I experimented with adding kimchi to french fries, and was amazed at the response. The ‘Original Kimchi Fries’ are now the signature dish at Chi’Lantro.

Why Able

Due to the increasing demand for our food I realized it was time for a brick and mortar location where customers could more easily locate us. Plus, I wanted to expand our menu to include more Korean-inspired food like K-pops and kimchi fried rice balls.

“When you are a small business with a tight budget, time is money. Able allowed us to move forward faster than a traditional bank.”

We used our Able loan to finance the buildout of our first brick and mortar location.

“Since we opened our brick and mortar location, I have doubled the number of employees and seen an increase in revenue.”

$100,000 Total Loan Funded

Loan Breakdown

Backer Loan $25,000
Able Matched $75,000
Total Loan $100,000


3 friends/family loaned $25,000
Backers: 3/3 Goal: 100%

Able Match

Able matched Backers’ loan by 3x

Loan Use

Location buildout

About Me


I was born in Korea and moved to the U.S. when I was 11 years old. My entrepreneurial journey started when I opened Kim’s coffee shop, where I discovered my love for food and the food business. I then left for Austin, to start my food truck Chi’Lantro, and bring Korean-inspired BBQ to more people. My team is what helps make Chi’Lantro loved by customers—we are all motivated by hard work and customer service.


Austin, TX

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