Nadine West

Ben Munoz and Sidney Williams, Co-Founders

My Story

After hearing my fiancée, Nadine, complain about shopping being a necessary hassle in order to have the clothes she loved, I thought there must be a better way! We researched the possibility of a personal stylist, which led to our complete shock at the going rate. Who could afford that? We had a hunch that a market existed and decided to create an online personal styling service. We enlisted the help of our friend Ben to create our website, and with just a little advertising, customers began to sign up. We bought a little bit of inventory, printed up a few return labels, added actual stamps inside the package for returns, and sent our orders off in super boring brown mailers. And so began Nadine West.

A year later, we enlisted Ben’s good friend Shalon for advice. She soon joined the team as our secret weapon: a woman’s perspective, knowledge, and voice. Her vision was to spin basic fashion in a way that highlights happiness as the key to making all women feel confident and beautiful. Shalon inspired us to begin connecting with customers, creating a happy culture and presence, and making the customer experience fun.

Within the next six months, Nadine West was officially incorporated and we moved operations from Sidney’s apartment to a small office space. Taking things slow has allowed us to find focus, establish the brand, and create a reputation as an affordable, and super fun personal styling service.

Why Able

As the business and shipping volume continued to grow, we realized we were ready to grow. At first, we tried OnDeck - but their rates were way too high. We also tried Wells Fargo, but there was a crazy amount of paperwork. Our experience growing with Able was seamless. It felt like VIP service compared to all the other routes we explored. Able doubled the money our friends and family were willing to loan us, and now we have the inventory we needed to ship more outfits to our growing customer base.

$30,000 Total Loan Funded

Loan Breakdown

Backer Loan $10,000
Able Matched $20,000
Total Loan $30,000


3 friends/family loaned $10,000
Backers: 3/3 Goal: 100%

Able Match

Able matched Backers’ loan by 3x

Loan Use

Purchase more inventory

About Me


We're two Austin-area entrepreneurs who wanted to build a great - and authentic company. I (Ben) had started a nonprofit, Ben's Friends, to provide a network of safe and supportive patient communities for anyone affected by a rare disease. Sidney and I wanted to build something similar to that. With the help of my fiancée Nadine, I discovered the opportunity to create an affordable, online personal styling service. Our friend Shalon soon entered into the picture and injected her heart and soul into the business and its customers.


Austin, TX

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