Shag Salon

Hayley G., Owner

My Story

My Business

I’m a veteran stylist with over 10 years of experience and hundreds of clients. When the opportunity to purchase an established salon was presented to me, it was the career moment I’d been waiting for.

Why Able

However, the fear of rejection quickly filled my mind when thinking about asking my bank for a loan. I knew I would be turned down due to a lack of established credit. Enter Able.

“Because I had supportive friends and fans, Able was the perfect way for me to grow my business.”

Able looks at more than just your typical credit score – they valued my online reviews and fans, and because I recruited Backers, close friends and family who funded 25 percent of my loan, I unlocked three times more money from Able.

8/8/2014 Yelp Review

Hayley has been cutting my hair for years and I wouldn't have it any other way! She always makes my hair looking AMAZING! I can’t tell you how many compliments I get! Hayley is truly one of the *best* in Austin hands down! I’m so glad I can have someone I trust with my hair. Simply an amazing talented person inside and out.

Every month my Backers earn interest payments and Able handles all the details – from the loan management to repayment so I can focus on running the best salon in Austin, Texas.

The most memorable moment after getting the keys to Shag Salon was bringing my son, Jackson, into my business for the very first time. This is when my dream of becoming a business owner truly became a reality.

$100,000 Total Loan Funded

Loan Breakdown

Backer Loan $25K
Able Matched $75K
Total Loan $100K


5 friends/family loaned $25K
Backers: 5/5 Goal: 100%

Able Match

Able matched Backers’ loan by 3x

Loan Use

Purchase of an existing salon

About Me


I’m Hayley, a stylist with 10 years of experience born and raised in central Texas. When I’m not helping people look their best you can find me outdoors listening to live music or spending time with my amazing son.


Austin, TX

Fund Your Business

Able triples friends & family investments in your small business.

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