St Roch's Bar

Steve Leinlinger and Chris Mullins, Co-Founders

Our Story

Steve and I opened St Roch’s 6 years ago — although a lot of Austinites know it by its original name, Double Down. We'd always dreamed of opening up a neighborhood bar, but with Steve being a Cordon Bleu graduate, we hoped that the bar would be a means to eventually serving food.

The original inspiration came from Steve's grandfather, who owned a bar in their hometown of New Orleans, in the St Roch’s neighborhood back in the 1950s. We thought it would be cool to recreate that vibe here in Austin.

Over the past 6 years, St Roch’s has earned a name for itself with Louisiana expats for having the best Crawfish Boils in Austin. We show all the New Orleans Saints games — and have a reputation for where the most loyal 'Who Dat' fans go to watch the games.

“We had heard about Able before—but when we discovered that Hops & Grain, who's right down the street from us, got an Able loan to expand their location, we decided Able was worth looking into.”

Growth Plans

A few months ago, we decided it was time to make our dream of serving food at St Roch’s happen. The bar is small, so we didn’t have space for a kitchen. There also wasn't any place for a build out. A food trailer was the most likely way for us to add a food element.

We decided to name it LA 1 Cajun & Creole after the Old LA Highway 1 that ran across Louisiana from the southeastern tip to the northwest of the state and the Texas border. The menu will have Louisiana staples like Roast Beef po' boys, Gumbo, Jambalaya, savory stuffed beignets, and weekly specials to give our guests a little taste of 'dis and 'dat from across Louisiana.

Why Able?

Chris and I had heard about Able through Outbox, since we were previously a subscriber. I also still do some freelance consulting work, so I’m always keeping up with the tech world in Austin. When we checked out Able's website, we discovered that Hops & Grain, who's right down the street from us, got a loan from them to expand their location. That's when we decided that Able might be worth looking into.

“I wanted to recreate the St Roch’s neighborhood vibe of my grandfather’s restaurant in 1950s New Orleans.”
$25,000 Total Loan Funded

Loan Breakdown

Backer Loan $6,250
Able Matched $18,750
Total Loan $25,000


3 friends/family loaned $6,250
Backers: 3/3 Goal: 100%

Able Match

Able matched Backers’ loan by 3x

Loan Use

Expanding operations to serve food, purchase of food truck.

About Us


Steve Leininger and Chris Mullins come from a tech background, but have always shared the dream of opening up a bar. Steve grew up in New Orleans, went to SMU in Dallas, and received his culinary degree from the Cordon Bleu.

Chris is from North Carolina, studied commercial art and advertising design, and got into the web world early by programming, doing web design, and founding several companies. For both, the tech industry was the job, but the bar and culinary world were their passions.


Austin, TX

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