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A True Peer to Peer Business Loan

The average cost of starting a business is $30,000 (Source: SBA). Since it’s impossible to qualify for a loan without financial history, most early-stage businesses look to their friends, family and fans for capital.




Your backer-powered Loan
Funded 100% by Backers

Build a peer to peer small business loan funded by your friends, family and fans in a way that protects your dearest relationships while allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Grow the Right Way

95% of startups are funded by friends, family, and fans. Able provides a way to formally structure these relationships.

Protect Your Relationships

Don’t turn your friends and family into debt collectors. Use Able to streamline your payback process and legal agreements.

Raise More Money

Our platform allows you to invite your network to fund your business helping you raise more money.

Raise Money Faster

With our managed process, you can get your supporters comfortable quickly, and get the deal done faster.

Build a Custom Loan

Startups need to optimize their cash-on-hand. We provide you with a way to design a flexible deal that supports your growth plans.

Get Funded and Retain Control

Trading equity for cash sounds appealing, but not when it comes with the cost of giving up ownership in your business.

Friends, family, and fans who fund your Able loan don’t take equity so you can:

  • Retain the vision for your business.
  • Choose who to involve in key business decisions.
  • Fund your business for sustainable growth, not an exit plan.
Funded by your Friends, Family, & Fans15% from Friends, Familly, Friends, 85% funded by AbleDepicts proportion of funding by friends, family and friends (about 5% each) versus the Able contribution, which is the remaining 85%.

Graduate to More Capital

  • Able monitors the performance of your business across the life of your loan.
  • Once your startup reaches $100,000 in revenue along with 12 months of operations, Able amplifies the amount of money you initially raised.
  • We scale our capital with your growing business and everyone wins.